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About The Show

Hosted by me, Dan Hightower, Product Market Misfits (PMMisfits) is a podcast and newsletter.

I interview early stage (no later than Series A) venture-backed founders to give you access to info & advice on topics like picking ideas, building teams, product management, acquiring first paying customers, and fundraising.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur already trying to raise funds, or you’ve been sitting on an idea without direction on where to go next, this show is designed to introduce you to founders who are just one or two steps ahead of you- the ones who have recently been exactly where you are right now.

On each episode, I’ll sit down with a founder or investor who can share their story of building a product that customers can’t live without, or explain how investors think about early stage companies.

Product Market Misfits is about embracing the pre-PMF stage, studying it together & being comfortable saying, “our startup doesn’t have PMF yet, and that’s fine bc I’m here to learn.”

My hope is that we can all talk about this crazy roller coaster of a journey a little more openly, and learn more quickly from each other, ultimately building more companies that make it to PMF.

Some content promises:
1.) I will only interview founders who are [Friends & Family —> Series A] stage.
2.) I will only interview the investors who actually have a track record of investing at this early stage.

Thanks for coming! 


Podcast Episodes

07: Going from Product Lead to YC-backed CEO with $10M Raised

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In this episode, Dan sits down with Founder & CEO of Kristen Anderson. 

Kristen is the Founder & CEO of Catch – a benefits platform for people who don’t have employer-provided benefits, like gig workers, entrepreneurs, etc. 

As she tells the story behind the startup, Kristen shares how she identified the opportunity behind the common misconception that technology alone made the 20th century a success- it was really benefits! 


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