00: Welcome to Product Market Misfits

Are you ready to turn that idea into a business? Perhaps you’re looking to make the right connections or meet the right investors to turn your startup into a standout. Maybe your startup is at a stalemate. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you know that starting a company is hard, and it’s even harder for us, the misfits, who want help getting to product/market fit and finding investors, but find ourselves on the outside of the Silicon Valley clubhouse looking in. Product Market Misfits helps entrepreneurs learn more about starting companies and getting funded by sharing conversations with world-class venture-backed founders who are one or two steps ahead of you on the path to success.

In each episode, we’ll sit down with a founder or an investor who has been exactly where you are right now. You’ll have an opportunity to hear their story of building a great product that customers love and offer practical advice on early-stage fundraising. 

You won’t want to miss an episode as each will provide the kind of information and inspiration that every entrepreneur needs. So head on over to www.ProductMarketMisfits.com and subscribe today!